Regina Honu

Soronko Academy

The Problem

Ghana’s unemployment rate continues to worsen, almost doubling to 11.9% in 2015. The World Bank in its latest report on jobs in Ghana estimated that some 48% of youth between the ages of 15-24 did not have jobs. The report confirms that young women are particularly disadvantaged and have much higher inactivity rates than men.Women entrepreneurs also operate smaller businesses in less lucrative sectors. Without the right skills women cannot succeed in today's digital economy.

The Solution

While there is no foolproof guarantee to finding jobs, there is significant evidence that digital skills are critical to improving career opportunities and vital to survival in the modern workplace. Women in Digital Skills is a collaboration to provide digital, technical and entrepreneurial support to young women from disadvantaged communities. Soronko Academy is collaborating with Stinsad Consult and MEST Ghana to help these young women link with employers or start their own companies following extensive training and preparation.