International Domestic Workers Federation

Uniting for Change

Partnership: International Domestic Workers' Federation (IDWF): 67 domestic workers organizations in 54 countries representing over 600,000 domestic workers, mostly women. The 21 organizations in Africa have formed African Domestic Workers Network for voice.

South Africa


The Problem:

All workers in the formal sector enjoy legal protection of their rights. Exclusion of domestic workers in legal protection and social securities prevails. Sometimes it is due to non-enforcement of laws and sometimes it is due to outright exclusion in the legislation or law themselves.


The Solution:

IDWF, South Africa aims to make sure that all domestic workers are covered by the occupational health and safety law in the next 2 years.  To do this, they are mobilizing domestic workers to join the organization and are partnering with government, business organizations, employers and other stakeholders in the community such as schools, religious organizations, women organizations, etc.