Fatima Lamishi Adamu

Nana Women and Girls Empowerment Initiatives

The Problem

Two social changes: career women and students in high institutions are becoming car owners. When the car is in need of repair, the women depend on men because the auto-mechanic garage is a man’s space. Rarely do women study Engineering. Second, the family social security that provides support to vulnerable women is collapsing. Traditional petty businesses that women conduct at home are inadequate to cater for a widow with children to feed and pay school expenses.

The Solution

This partnership hopes to make the auto-mechanic business 'women friendly' and ‘legitimate’ for women, working with religious leaders and government institutions. Nana has secured land and is in consultation with three institutions. The Institutions will provide the training, send students for internships and Nana will provide the space, the tools and mobilize women and Islamic scholars. The project will:

  • Break the gender stereotype that makes car repairs exclusively for men.

  • Create job opportunities and provide income to women.

  • Establish an auto repair workshop owned and managed by women.

  • Provide an internship platform for women in engineering courses.