Acting, Changing, Transforming and Empowering Women through Financial Inclusion "ACTAIF"

Develop a Financial Inclusion Fund for Women's Empowerment

Partnership: L’Union-pour-l’Emancipation-dela-Femme-Autochtone (UEFA) +  4 organizations of BCECO Sarl and grassrootes organizations (OP,OBC,MUSO,AVEC).

Democratic Republic of Congo


The Problem:

There is a problem of marginalization, stigmatization of Pygmy women due to: their fragile economic status, lack of access to land, exclusion from basic economic services (including lack of access to credit services), and non-schooling of children.  UEFA belives that a Pygmy woman can not claim and enjoy her rights until she has the financial means to do it.


The Solution:

Esperance created UEFA to channel lobbying and advocacy actions to combat the marginalization and discrimination of indigenous / Pygmy women.  Since 1998, she has engaged in advocacy, legal capacity building, resilience and entrepreneurial activities (agri-business, economic activities, small businesses) to strengthen the socio-economic power of women and young people. To effectively circumvent access challenges in services financiers, in 2015, Esperance created a 1st microfinance company called BCECO Sarl giving women and youth credits at an interest rate of 1%. Her two organizations have helped give women access to land and promote South Kivu legislation that protects the rights of pygmies.