Nossos parceiros

Todos os parceiros Ashoka

Os parceiros da Ashoka trabalham em conjunto para investir nas pessoas e nos padrões de empreendedorismo colaborativo necessários no mundo Everyone a Changemaker®.





Vigilantes del Lago

The Lake Watching Project is an initiative that trains the community and students as watchers for their lakes and thus empowerthem as agents of change in the conservation of these important aquatic ecosystems. This is achieved through participatory training and monitoring, i.e. citizen science...

Villgro Philippines

Villgro funds, mentors, and supports for-profit social enterprises that are building innovative solutions to impact the lives of the poor in the Philippines. Villgro Philippines provides intensive incubation through customized venture building support, in-depth mentoring, connections to relevant...


Vinge, as one of the largest commercial law firms in Scandinavia, with its level of commitment, simplicity in approach and focus on results, has been Ashoka’s strategic partner within law since 2009. Vinge’s pro bono services have been vital for the establishment of Ashoka Scandinavia.

Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications


Volando en V

Volando en V is a Foundation that seeks to strengthen the dynamics of school coexistence and prevent bullying, through its own model of intervention that promotes positive interrelationship and directly impacts risk groups, involving the entire school community. It is a Foundation that encourages...

Voluntarios de Chile

Voluntarios de Chile is a network of organizations that bring together non-profit institutions that incorporate in part or totally the work of volunteers to achieve their purposes. It seeks to collaborate in the design of public policies and legislation on issues that concern us, since each of the...


A Warehouse Investimentos é um fundo de Venture Capital focado em empresas inovadoras com alto potencial de crescimento, com a proposta de estar muito próximo dos empreendedores de seu portfolio, garantindo que possam apoiar os negócios com os quais trabalham onde mais precisam.

We Evolution