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Salomé Berlioux

Observing that rural youth are the victim of profound inequalities, Salomé is conceiving a holistic program to support and help them switch their perception of themselves and of their future, thus...

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Diane Dupré La Tour

Our modern societies are facing the erosion of social bonds, resulting in a significant part of the population feeling abandoned, excluded or useless. Diane designs a new type of communal place in the...

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Stéphane Gigandet

Open Food Facts

In order to face major public health concerns related to the consumption of industrial food, Stéphane leverages the power of citizens to operate a mindset shift in the food industry, urging food...

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Emmanuel Vincent

Emmanuel Vincent is empowering the international scientific community to play a leading role in tackling online misinformation on scientific issues. He is building a global campaign in which...

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