Learn more about our work, read our stories, and check out our toolkits and activity guides for young people, parents, and educators below. 

You can email us at leadyoung@ashoka.org to share your questions or ideas. Let's change the narrative on the way young people grow up, together.


Why LeadYoung?

Learn what a changemaker is and why leading young is critical today.
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Activity Guides for Changemaking at Home

Changemaking can start at home. These guides are for young people, educators, and parents to discover the power they have to create positive change, even from the kitchen table.
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Storytelling Toolkits

LeadYoung stories are stories of hope, positivity, and change. These toolkits are for young storytellers and movement builders looking to inspire others to be changemakers through the power of stories.
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Believe in stories and know a story can change your life...create a community where everyone's open and vulnerable with each other so that we can really learn from each other's experiences.

Manat K
Ashoka Young Changemaker
Manat AYC US 2019