A Propos d'Sénégal

A propos de Ashoka Sahel

Ashoka Sahel started its activities in 1992 with the election of Innovators in Senegal, Mali and Côte d'Ivoire. And it was from the regional office in Dakar that it expanded programs in Burkina Faso and Guinea-Bissau in 1994, and then in The Gambia in 1998. The Ashoka Sahel network now has 40 social entrepreneurs dedicate themselves to solving social challenges in both urban and rural areas.

Ashoka's presence in the Sahel is important as it contributes significantly to the resolution of complex political, social and economic problems in this region of the world.

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A propos de Ashoka en Africa

Since 1990, the Ashoka network in Africa has yielded some valuable insights about systems-changing solutions to improve social and economic outcomes on the continent. At the core of every innovation is a changemaker who saw a gap and entrepreneured a solution.  That’s why, in addition to finding and supporting leading social entrepreneurs and identifying patterns in social innovation, Ashoka Africa now builds partnerships focused on supporting emerging changemakers and playing a critical role in convening collaborative ecosystems that will ensure Africa is a place where everyone works together to shift social systems.

Ashoka's Africa is composed of three other regional offices: Ashoka East Africa,  Ashoka West Africa, and Ashoka Southern Africa.  


Six Priority Areas:

Education and Leadership

Supporting institutions and individuals focused on transforming education from a system designed for the industrial age into one that grows young changemakers, able to address the challenges of the 21st Century

Youth Livelihoods and Women Entrepreneurship

Identifying key levers of economic opportunity for youth and women to ensure every person is able to find meaningful and respectable work.

Agriculture and Nutrition

Recognizing that food security and good nutrition are vital to producing healthy African communities.

Migration and Mobility

Supporting innovations to promote and encourage dignity and respect for all Africans regardless of their economic or political status.

Energy and Environment

Recognizing the progress and potential for Africa to build sustainable, green energy solutions to power it into the future.

Health and Wellbeing

Ensuring all Africans have access to health care and are growing up to feel safe and secure.


Four Phase Approach:

Ashoka Africa has a series of activities around curating innovations, championing individuals and institutions to grow their capacity, challenging partners to build collective impact, and convening innovations to spread awareness.  

PHASE ONE: Curating through social innovation mapping

Ashoka’s network of more than 3,500+ Fellows and 30,000+ social innovators holds a wealth of insights into innovative approaches to social change. Focusing in on six priority areas, we will map the innovations of our network to understand key patterns and trends in the field to understand the key levers for systemic change. These findings will help funders and investors to understand the marketplace for their investments and inspire other social innovators to design and drive their own change.

PHASE TWO: Championing social entrepreneurs through innovation labs

Taking the learnings from our social innovation mappings, we will host 6 innovation labs with 10-12 Fellows who are working in the priority areas.  The agenda of the innovation lab is designed as a deep dive into a core problem to come up with an implementable collective approach to making systemic change.  The Fellows will be taken through a process to work together to see a problem from multiple angles and entrepreneur solutions based on their own innovative approaches.

PHASE THREE: Challenging the ecosystem at the African Social Innovation Summit

The African Social Innovation Summit will be a central convening space to showcase both individual and collective approaches of the Fellows in our network.  Featuring problem-solving sessions, thought leader roundtables, plenaries, social innovation forums, and opportunities for investors to meet advanced stage Fellows, the summit will be the first of what we hope will be an annual event to share Ashoka’s unique pan-African network with the world.

PHASE FOUR: Convening the network with an online Social Innovation Marketplace

Serving as a repository to ensure that the unique insights, tools, and projects of collaborations generated by the summit. This online tool will facilitate and accelerate a rich trove of good ideas and innovative solutions globally while fostering peer to peer and cross-sector collaborations.



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