Partner With Us

Ashoka is an ideal partner through which to achieve social impact. With many of our key insights drawn from the world of business, the impressive entrepreneurial skills of the Ashoka Fellows, and a results-oriented culture, business people intuitively understand and are enthusiastic about our approach.

Throughout its 30-years history Ashoka has developed a range of relationships, from local-level pro bono and voluntary engagements to strategic and visionary partnerships with companies such as McKinsey & Company, Boehringer Ingelheim, Swiss Re and UBS.


How to Engage

Ashoka is constantly building collaborative partnerships with leading global organizations and foundations to provide its partners an opportunity to engage with the citizen sector in order to:

  • To source social innovation: Identifying fresh and new approaches to key challenges, already part of the Ashoka network and/or new to be found. By selecting a critical mass of social entrepreneurs, you can have a unique perspective on new models & innovations able to revolutionize a sector.
  • To map & analyze trends and needs: Conducting research to map innovation opportunities, trends and barriers for the identified topics of interest to share insights and encourage dialogue across sector.
  • To amplify social impact of changemakers: Preparing mature social entrepreneurs with proven models to scale their impact by expanding or replicating their model, through tailored support via the Ashoka networks and expertise.
  • To develop talent: Engaging collaborators, developing talents and encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship which is increasingly necessary within the private and public sector organisations. Breaking the silos between the different sectors.
  • To co-create with social entrepreneurs: Accelerating co-creation between foundations, corporations or public institutions and social entrepreneurs bringing unique and complementary expertise on joint initiatives beyond the boundaries of individual organizations, building innovative business models that address societal challenges at scale.

There are as many program possibilities as there is program partners. It can range from delivering specific programs, organising events, or co-creating content. Partners typically provide financial or strategic support in exchange for recognition and engagement opportunities such as workshops with Fellows, speaking opportunities and many more.

If you believe that Ashoka’s Everyone a Changemaker vision resonates with your organization, please email us.

Through the Executive in Residence program, corporate executives work on-site with leading social entrepreneurs around the world for a period of two weeks up to six months. During this time, the executive tackles a challenge that is critical to the social entrepreneur’s ability to scale his or her impact. 

Simultaneously, by working with the world’s leading social innovators, executives bring back lessons learned about new innovations, emerging markets, and leadership techniques. At the end of the on-site placement, the executive and social entrepreneur continue to collaborate virtually together and have the opportunity to create shared value partnerships for their organizations.

Executive in Residence was a great opportunity to expand my marketing skills and to apply them in a different setting. I have always been in health care manufacturing, and know how to market to providers and health plans, but haven’t really had much opportunity to think about how to market to the patients. This was all about thinking about the family members and people affected by a specific disease.

– Gati Dharani, Senior Associate Director, Boehringer-Ingelheim, worked with Ashoka Fellow Aled Edwards in 2015

The Ashoka Support Network offers innovative leaders from a variety of fields the opportunity to go beyond traditional philanthropy and co-create the world’s best social entrepreneurs in partnership with Ashoka Fellows. ASN members engage with Ashoka Fellows in a variety of ways, based on their interests and capacity. ASN offers opportunities to advise Fellows about scaling-up strategies through the Ashoka Globalizer program, hear exclusive investment pitches from Fellows through Ashoka’s social finance accelerator, and brainstorm solutions to Fellows’ organizational challenges during local retreats and global summits.