The Programme

As an international organisation specialised in supporting leading Changemakers, Ashoka aims to be the catalyzer and rally point of pioneer and innovative educational initiatives.

Our wish is that every young person has the capacity and the drive to make change for the better, be it within their family, in their community, their country or across the whole world.
We envision a world in which everyone – from the most marginalised to the most privileged – enjoys learning experiences throughout their lives that develop their full potential as active contributors to our col­lective wellbeing.

For that to happen, it is essential to allow children and young people to develop key qualities such as empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork.

The Education Innovation Programme selects and supports projects that contribute to the development of these soft skills.

This Program Enables:

  • the identification of changemakers in the education sector
  • spreading a replicable framework to a large number of schools and teachers that will enable them to make sys­temic change from the bottom up
  • scale those replicable educational solutions throughout the country
  • the promotion of an educational system and a community that fosters social innovation

The selected projects benefit from a year-long of tailor-made support as an accelerator for their innovation.

Financial Support

3000 euros to help them improve their communication, buy the necessary equipment, organise events to make their initiatives known, etc.


A follow-up by Ashoka’s team, partners and pro bono experts, aiming to broaden their horizons, to structure the project, to find other means of financing, etc.


Access to a vast network of key players in Belgium and abroad as a means to increase the project’s impact and possibilities of replicability.


These toolkits are interactive documents that allow you to recreate the projects. Thank you to Bjorn van Brunschot, Leana Schmidlin, Michela Perversi, and Lucie Bartlen for translating this content.